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Robotic Surgery for Endocrinal Organ (Thyroid and Suprarenal Gland)

Gasless robotic surgery by entering from arm pit is being used as an easy, safe and effective method of treatment for selected patients with thyroid cancer. Therefore, no surgery scar is formed in front of the neck as in traditional thyroid surgery. Moreover, this method is not applicable for all patients; for instance, for obese patients, patients with large thyroid gland, patients whose thyroid gland has extended through chest cavity and patients with short neck.

Robotic surgery for suprarenal gland diseases

Laparoscopic surgery was accepted as golden standard for removing suprarenal gland tumors; however, thanks to advantages of robot, such limitations of laparoscopic surgery as two-dimensional view and insufficiency of hand tools are also eliminated. In addition to general advantages of robotic surgery, thanks to its precision, only tumor can be removed and healthy gland tissue can be protected.

Benefits of Robotic system to suprarenal gland surgery

  • Combining advantages of open surgery and laparoscopic surgery
  • Better cancer control
  • Less blood loss
  • Lower risk of complication
  • Lower percentage of scar infection
  • Better visualization of venules of suprarenal gland during surgery
  • Bowels’ starting to operate earlier
  • Patient being able to feed from mouth earlier
  • Less pain
  • Less time in hospital
  • Faster recovery and going back to daily life
  • Better cosmetic result (smaller cuts and fewer scar

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