International Patients

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International Patients

Meeting the Needs of International Patients.

The International Services Department is a full-service department dedicated to meeting the needs of international patients. Our center is designed to help international patients to benefit their stay at the hospital to the maximum. An international patient specialist guides the patient throughout the entire process and handles all the details, enabling the patient and his family to focus on healing.

The experienced staff of the International Services Department coordinates all aspects of a patient’s visit, including scheduling appointments, arranging accommodation and an interpreter, assisting with hospital admissions and financial transactions.

The multilingual staff, administrators and international patient specialists at Anadolu Medical Center provide personalized programs and services to welcome patients and enhance their stay.

We encourage international patients to contact our office before traveling to Anadolu Medical Center. Our physicians will need to review your medical history before recommending a treatment plan. Through telemedicine, we are able to provide timely advice and consultation to physicians on difficult cases.

Once the arrival of the patient has been confirmed, we provide information about accommodation options, travel and transportation arrangements. Depending on patient’s request, we make bookings accordingly. We also request the flight details of the patient to arrange for transportation from the airport to the hospital and from the hospital back to the airport. We also arrange land and air ambulances, if necessary. In case the native language of the patient is other than English, interpreters in his/her native language are arranged to accompany the patient throughout his/her stay with us at Anadolu Medical Center.

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