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Algology – pain therapy – is a scientific field that deals with both chronic pain of all kinds and severe pain of unidentified origin. Pain associated with cancer and pain of various causes is treated by the specialists of this department. Other sources of pain include headaches, facial pain-neuralgias, pain in the neck, shoulder-arm, back, lower back-legs and that accompanying vascular obstruction, as well as pain of unknown origin.

Pain is quite individually experienced and requires customized treatment approaches. After a detailed examination, the most appropriate treatment options are determined by the pain specialist. All methods used in the treatment of chronic pain are available in the Anadolu Medical Center Algology Department.

The procedures, which primarily require invasive techniques, used at Anadolu Medical Center are the following:

  • Nerve blocks using radio waves
  • Permanent morphine pumps
  • Spinal battery implants
  • Epidural injections used in ruptured discs in the lower back and neck
  • Permanent port systems

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