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State-of-the-art cancer treatment: CyberKnife®

Anadolu Medical Center keeps pace with the latest developments in medical technology. CyberKnife® is such a cutting-edge radiosurgery technology providing the safest non-invasive tumor treatment.

Anadolu Medical Center aquired the CyberKnife® system in 2005 thus becoming the fourth medical center in Europe to provide its patients this state-of-the-art cancer treatment designed to destroy tumors with minimum damage to surrounding tissue. We gained in-depth experience over the years and treated efficiently hundreds of patients from over 20 countries.

CyberKnife® is the only radiosurgery system to combine a linear accelerator, a robotic arm and image guidance system. With its unique precision, CyberKnife® can target lesions that are unreachable by the commonly used radiosurgery systems.

CyberKnife® stands for fast, painless and non-invasive tumor treatment. Treatment time is significantly sorter beacause of the  increased dosage induction speed and the continous movement tracking imaging. CyberKnife® system helps avoiding invasive surgery and provides a viable treatment option of exceptional accuracy.

What are the stages of CyberKnife treatment?

A step-by-step guide to CyberKnife® treatment

Our multidisciplinary teams evaluate every patient for Cyberknife® in accordance with medical protocols from various areas of expertise such as Radiation Oncology, Neurosurgery, General Surgery, and Urology. CyberKnife® treatment eligibility is evaluated by a multi-disciplinary working group that takes decision on a case by case basis.

The CyberKnife® treatment process takes a few days for the following steps:


Preparations are made according to the involved body area. If a patient receives brain treatment, a thermoplastic mask is made to fit the patient’s face and CT images are scheduled. If prostate, pancreas, liver, lung or soft tissue tumors are targeted, three to six markers are inserted inside the target. An appropriate vacuum bed is also prepared for the patient in order to feel comfortable.


Following the preparatory stage, the patient returns home, while an individual treatment plan is preapred for radiation targeting of the tumor and sparing the surounding healthy tissue. Doctors and medical physicists work hand in hand on the patient’s radiological images to develop an optimal treatment plan that suits the patient best.


Treatment date and time is scheduled for the patient to arrive at the CyberKnife® center. Treatment session takes from 30 minutes to two hours and a patient might need to undergo two to five sessions. Once you are comfortably positioned on the table, the CyberKnife

System’s computer-controlled robot will carefully move around you to deliver radiation at various locations as prescribed by your treatment plan. At the same time, the CyberKnife System is taking continual X-ray images that will provide real-time information about the location of your tumor and enable the system to dynamically track and correct for any movement of your tumor.There is a minimum of 24 hours between each treatment session. Patients can return to their daily routine after each treatment session.

What makes CyberKnife a better choice?

  • The treatment time has been reduced.

Treatment is now much faster than before due to a convertable table and an increased dosage induction speed.

  • There is no metallic marker for some lung applications.

The placement of metallic markers for some applications to the lungs is not necessary avoiding secondary risks.

  • CyberKnife® can track moving organs during treatment and adjust its beams accordingly.

CyberKnife® has an IGRT 6D Tracking system including for example the detection of rotational changes to patient movements during treatment.

  • CyberKnife® Radiosurgery has less side effects than conventional radiotherapy.

Treatment will be conducted more effectively both for the patient and the doctor, leading to better results.

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