Palliative Treatment

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Palliative Treatment

The purpose of the palliative care program implemented at Anadolu Medical Center is to maintain the highest quality of life for every oncology patient.

There are two major purposes in providing palliative treatment. The first is to minimize, and if possible, completely eliminate the patient’s pain and any other physical symptoms or psychosocial trauma. The second is to provide skilled and thorough moral support to the patients and their families.

It is known that oncologic patients may experience various symptoms and problems. Palliative treatment focuses on eliminating and relieving the variety of these symptoms and complaints. Furthermore, a team of reliable close personal consultants provides emotional support and the opportunity to improve the patient’s quality of life.

The entire personnel of the oncology department at Anadolu Medical Center is expertly trained in palliative treatment. While adhereing to the oncologist-designed treatment plan for each patient, our team also provides the palliative care most suitable for each individual patient’s needs. These measures are taken to ensure that the treatment course of each patient will be as smooth and comfortable as possible.

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