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Breast Cancer Management Centre threw its doors open at Anadolu Medical Center

The center provides complex diagnostics and treatment, including oncoplastic surgery – a full range of services to meet the needs of patients with breast cancer, under the direction of Prof. Dr. Metin Cakmakci, MD.

With the development of modern medicine heightened importance is attached to the early diagnostics and the full recovery in breast cancer management. Dedicated to its mission of providing high quality healthcare to its patients and endeavoring to meet all their medical needs, Anadolu Medical Center inaugurated the Breast Cancer Management Center. This was the final step in its establishment as a reference center for the treatment of all cancer types.

The center provides complex diagnostics and management – from routine screening to anaplastic surgery, a full range of services meeting all the needs of patients with breast cancer. The quality of healthcare and the rendering of services which facilitate the treatment are compliant with the highest world standards.

Following the initial examination at the Breast Cancer Management Center, patients undergo a mammography test, an ultrasound examination and a biopsy, if needed. Doctors diagnose the patient, assess the extent of the disease and offer the most appropriate, fast and efficient treatment. Special attention is paid to women with high risk of breast cancer.

Each particular case at the Breast Cancer Management Centre will be examined and evaluated by a special council, consisting of specialists from the departments of general surgery, medical oncology, radiation oncology, nuclear medicine, radiology, anaplastic surgery, and psychiatry. This multidisciplinary team will have its weekly sessions at the Tumor Board Meeting, where the most appropriate specific treatment plan would be determined and appointed. The merit of overcoming all problems in breast cancer goes to the whole team.

The managing team of the Breast Cancer Management Centre is headed by MD. Prof. Metin Cakmakci,. He has obtained his education in Turkey and the USA. His specialization and interests are in the field of oncological surgery, surgical infections and breast surgery.

The team of the Breast Cancer Management Center consists of specialists who received their education in prestigious US and Turkish universities, and who have specialized at the John Hopkins Medicine, USA and are winners of prestigious international awards.


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