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MR-TRUS FUSION: new Biopsy technique for targeted treatment in Prostate Cancer

Anadolu Medical Center has recently adopted the new diagnostic technique for detecting prostate cancer. Targeted Prostate MR-TRUS Fusion Biopsy is a method, which detects foci suspicious of prostate cancer, and ensures taking biopsy from these foci with millimetric sensitivity guided by an advanced technology device and software. With this method, the cancer foci may be detected by a higher accuracy, and repeated biopsies are not required. 

Why is prostate biopsy performed?  

Biopsy is performed by your urologist, in the event of detection of a suspicious situation and/or of high level of Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) value in the blood, in order to detect whether there are cancer cells in your prostate gland. The treatment is determined on the basis of assessment for characteristic properties of cancer (localization, size, aggression), if any, at the end of biopsy. 

What is MR-TRUS Fusion?

“MR-TRUS FUSION” is a “smart biopsy” technique with high accuracy and sensitivity for diagnosis of prostate cancer. With the help of a particular software, the images of Magnetic Resonance (MR) are processed, and are combined with real time Transrectal Ultrasonography (TRUS) images.

With the advanced MR technology, the foci suspicious of cancer in prostate are marked;

the prostate images obtained from Prostate MR-TRUS Fusion device during the biopsy are transformed into 3 dimensional images with the same device, and MR and TRUS images are superimposed, and “fusion” procedure is performed.

The biopsy needle is directed to marked suspicious MR regions by means of a robotic arm via the navigation feature of its software, and targeted biopsy is performed.

MR Trus Machine

What is the advantage of Prostate Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)?

On the contrary of other organ cancers, it was not possible to visualise prostate until the use of MRI. The advancements in MRI technology in the recent years increased the accuracy of visualization by facilitating the differentiation between areas suspicious of tumour, and normal prostate gland; the procedure takes less time, and ensures patients to be comfortable.

İmage Capture

What is the advantage of Targeted MR-TRUS Fusion in comparison with conventional prostate biopsy?

While conventional prostate biopsy takes samples from standard regions guided by Transrectal Ultrasound; MR-TRUS Fusion, which combines advanced MR images with real time ultrasound images, provides a 3 dimensional map of the region, and guides the biopsy needle directly to the foci suspicious of cancer.

The cancer rate in patients with normal examination results and high PSA level is 25%-30%. Conventional biopsy may diagnose 70%-75% of current cancer. The infection and septic complication risks are higher depending upon the number of samples taken during biopsy despite the number of pieces taken from biopsy. The diagnosis rate is over 95% with MR-TRUS Fusion. Besides, with targeted MR-TRUS Fusion, the number of samples taken is less; therefore, the possibility of infectious complication is lower.

With MR-TRUS Fusion, the detection rate is higher in clinically important cancers, especially in patients with high level of PSA and for tumors which are not detected in recurrent prostate biopsies.


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