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Patient-Centered Care Discussed at the Johns Hopkins Medicine International Partners Forum 2014

Johns Hopkins Medicine International Partners Forum is held annually in Baltimore with JHM’s International Affiliates, and this years’s topic was Patient-Centered Care. The forum agenda included presentations covering the topic from different perspectives. Mr. İlkay Baylam, Patient-Centered Care Manager at Anadolu Medical Center attended the forum and presented Anadolu’s standpoint about the topic including the process implementation and the action plans taken. Mr. Baylam answered our questions to provide the details of Patient-Centered Care.

Johns Hopkins Medicine Intarnational Partners

1. What is the purpose of organizing the Partners Forum at Johns Hopkins Medicine each year?

Partners Forum is a platform where each affiliate/partner of Johns Hopkins Medicine comes together each year to network, discuss the problems and solutions to their activities and to exchange body of konowledge especially with Johns Hopkins experts on the field.

2. This year’s theme was Patient-Centered Care (PCC). How would you define the concept?

Patient Centered Care is an emerging subject in US healthcare as the reimbursements are made according to patient experience scores. It is also crucial in terms of improving healthcare outcomes, and it is desired by many institutions throughout the world.

Patient Centered Care is defined as “care organized around the patient”. It is a model in which providers partner with patients and families to identify and satisfy the full range of patients’ needs and preferences.

3. How important is PCC for hospitals in today’s world?

As I mentioned, Patient Centered Care is becoming ‘critical’ for the financial viability of the healthcare organizations. Many people limit the meaning of Patient Centered Care just with patient experience scores. I cannot deny it though, however Patient Centered Care is beyond this. As healthcare facilities, we have been treating our patients for decades, but do we really give them a ‘healing experience’? By this I mean, including patients and their families into their care as an active partner. Achieving this goal will make a big difference for healthcare facilities and they will be the leaders in their field. That’s why Patient Centered Care together with Patient Safety are the core elements in today’s hospitals’ agenda.

4. Can you summarize Anadolu Medical Center’s implementation plan of PCC?

We began our efforts in Patient Centered Care in September of 2013. A team of Anadolu Executives went to the US and Canada to attend congresses and trainings about Patient Centered Care. Coming back to Anadolu Medical Center, we first structured the core team consisting of a Physician Leader for PCC, two Nursing Leaders for PCC and the Manager for PCC. Then we set the structure of Patient Centered Care at Anadolu Medical Center, the committees, working groups and reporting relationships. Then, it was time to prioritize the best practices in PCC. We needed to prioritize them because of scarce resources and furthermore, we did not know where to start from. As a result, we set five projects for the first phase of Patient Centered Care studies at AMC and we are working on them at the moment.

5. What are the advantages of PCC in terms of international patients’ processes?

First of all, we will be setting an International Diversity Work Group in the near future to better understand the needs of our international patients. As a result of the work that will be accomplished in this group, we will be redesigning our processes according to the needs and preferences of our international patients. By this way, we are expecting better outcomes with the care of our international patients, more cooperation with them and finally a very well designed healing experience for them.

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