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Patient cases

Daniela L.

Cancer Treatment
Country: Romania

Daniela L.

Our patient Daniela L from Romania tells us her story of her treatment journey;

My name is Daniela L. I am 51 years old. I live in Bucharest and I am a University lecturer. I was diagnosed with ductal carcinoma “in situ” invasive on the right breast.  

I learned about Anadolu from the internet when I read the story of a person diagnosed with breast cancer who got treated in Anadolu Medical Center and she was very satisfied. Finding the official page of the hospital, I was very surprised to find a version of the website in Romanian and to find out about the affiliation with ”John Hopkins Medicine”. From internet, I also found out  about the Official Anadolu Office in Bucharest, on Hatmanul Arbore street,  where I received detailed answers to all my questions. That was the day when I performed a breast MRI and I was told that I would receive an answer in 20 working days. That seemed to me an enormous waiting time for such a result and I decided to come to Anadolu. Mrs. Preda helped me to rapidly translate my medical records and the answer for a second medical opinion and the estimated costs were received in 2 days.

At Anadolu, I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that in one month time (which is the waiting time to receive the MRI results in Romania), all necessary medical investigations were performed,  I made the surgery and the first chemotherapy session. I was under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Serdar Turhal and the surgery was performed by Prof. Dr. Fatih Ağalar.

I mentioned the professionalism and the promptitude of the medical services which will not exist without a careful organisation and a general desire for excellence. I have special memories about this hospital because this is the place where I gathered the confidence that healing is possible also in my case. The work effectiveness between various departments and the open dialog with the translator that accompanied me during all medical consultations helped me a lot to understand rapidly all the steps that need to be followed and to get fast and competent answers to all my questions.

I know from personal experience that people are pretty careful about laudatory recommendations. I’d recommend other patients though to have faith in their intuition and contact Anadolu office in Bucharest to receive further information.


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