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Patient cases

Vladimir Shalamov

Country: Russia

Vladimir Shalamov


Vladimir Shalamov who had a tumor inside his cheek and whom doctors said “Nothing left to do” in Russia, regained his health in Turkey.

A tumor was detected inside the cheek of a 38 year old Russian citizen, Vladimir Shalamov. Doctors in Russia said that the tumor was a second grade tumor and it should be removed surgically. However, the surgery was too risky. Russian doctors told that the surgery could not be performed in Russia. The family was highly disappointed and started to seek for other alternatives, and decided to come to Anadolu Medical Center in Istanbul. Although Mr. Shalamov had radiotherapy and chemotherapy in his country, no reduction was observed in the tumor size. Prof. Dr. Sertac Yetiser, an ENT (otolaryngology) Surgeon at Anadolu Medical Center reviewed the patient’s medical reports. The patient could not open his mouth when he was referred to our center. The surgery was very difficult, but both ENT and Plastic Surgery teams decided to perform this surgery.

Владимир Шалманов - опухоль щекиHE COULD NOT OPEN HIS MOUTH

Prof. Dr. Yetiser says, “The tumor was enlarged and became a mass invading the right half of the chin. Mr. Shalamov could not even open his mouth. Therefore, we performed the surgery by opening a hole from his neck to trachea. We removed the tumor on the right cheek. However, the tumor invaded the right mandibular bone and we had to remove half of the bone. Bone was removed from his leg and a new mandible was formed. Following a difficult surgery lasting about 8 to 9 hours, he eventually had a healthy chin.”


Mr. Shalamov said that he was very happy and added, “I was very sorry when the doctors in my country said they could not make this surgery. I am grateful to my doctors at Anadolu Medical Center. I will regularly come to Turkey for my control visits.”



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