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Osteopathy (Manual Treatment)

It is a modern treatment system which cures the functions of the body tissues on the basis of anatomy, physiol...

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Ozone Therapy

Ozone has three fundamental effects; Local healing factors, such as wound healing, tissue repair, keeping tiss...

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Gynecology and Obstetrics

As Anadolu Medical Center Gynecology and Obstetrics Depatment; supported by the Ministry of Health as well in...

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Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases

In our Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases Departments of Anadolu Medical Center; diagnosis and tre...

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Anadolu Medical Ataşehir Outpatient Clinic

Anadolu Medical Center continues to provide healthcare services also at Ataşehir Outpatient Clinic. At the hospital and the medical center, radiologic imaging results of patients can be stored in virtual environment. Therefore, when necessary, information exchange can be easily possible between Anadolu Medical Center and Anadolu Medical Ataşehir Outpatient Clinic. In addition, there is a system in Anadolu Medical Ataşehir Outpatient Clinic that allows to monitor patient procedures and to keep patient archives in virtual environment. Thanks to this technology, patient records can be viewed over the system at all branches of Anadolu Medical Center.

Anadolu Medical Ataşehir Outpatient Clinic was founded in 2008 with an investment of 8 million USD. Established on an area of 3 thousand 700 square meters, the center has outpatient clinics of many specialties from pediatrics to dermatologic diseases, from urology to internal diseases, and an emergency department.


(Weekdays and Saturday)

Outpatient Clinics

08:30 – 20:00


17:30 - 20:00

Patient Shuttle Information

You can use our shuttles working whole day to arrive at Anadolu Medical Center and Ataşehir Outpatient Clinic in the most comfortable way. Please feel free to call us for any questions.

All Shuttle Routes

You should make appointment reservation by calling 44 44 276 latest 1 hour before the shuttle time.

Address and Directions

We provide shuttle services to our patients and their relatives between Anadolu Medical Center and Ataşehir Outpatient Clinic all day long. When our patients and their relatives need to visit Anadolu Medical Center, they can benefit from the regular shuttle service between Anadolu Medical Center Gebze and Ataşehir Outpatient Clinic.

Our Hospital Facilities

Our Hospital Facilities

We are committed to addressing all requirements of our patients and their relatives. Aside from logistic requirements such as a hotel, car park, security, transportation, we pursue international standards like patient rights, medical second opinion.

Medical Second Opinion Form

Medical Second Opinion Form

  • If you like we can help you with a doctor’s medical second opinion on issues like your test results, your diagnosis and the treatment options that we can offer you.
  • It is sufficient for us if you fill in the form for a "Medical Second Opinion".
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Patient Rooms

Patient Rooms

  • We have the honor of offering comfortable and special services to our valuable patients with 2 different room options.
  • Our hospital has a capacity of 201 beds, including intensive care rooms. In total, 8 rooms have been arranged as VIP patient rooms.
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The operating room

Operating Rooms

  • As Anadolu Medical Center, we provide services in 8 operating rooms with modern medical equipment in all branches, meeting patient and employee safety requirements.
  • The central sterilization system, ventilating system and the state-of-the-art devices in the operating rooms create ideal conditions for patient safety. All operations including microscopic, endoscopic, arthroscopic, laparoscopic and robotic surgery operations are performed successfully at our operating rooms.
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Patient-Centered Care Approach

Patient-centered Care Approach

  • The happiness and safety of our patients is important for us. At Anadolu Medical Center, our priority is to guarantee that our patients get through the diagnosis and treatment process in the most peaceful and comfortable manner. In this sense, we build all our service policies from security to administration on the emotional tie that we establish with our patients.
  • At the Patient-centered Care Department, established for the first time in Turkey at our hospital, we render services focused on patient satisfaction and placing the patient at the center of all service processes.
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Advanced Health Technologies

Advanced Medical Technologies

  • TrueBeam: TrueBeam is a sensitive radiation instrument used in the treatment of all cancers requiring radiation therapy.
  • CyberKnife M6: This system destroys the tumor with a definite boundary like that of the surgical method, while preventing the beams from damaging healthy tissues.
  • Robotic Surgery: We can describe Robotic Surgery or robot-assisted surgery as performing certain operations through tiny holes using the “da Vinci” system.
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Nurse Case Manager

Case Nurse Managers

  • A case nurse manager is a person who monitors all the services provided to a patient included in case management. She is the person who knows the patient and his/her family best and assesses all their needs. She sufficiently informs the patients and his/her family about the treatment plans.
  • She supports the patient and his/her family in decision-making and maintains impartiality. She talks to the in-patient/his/her family at least once a day. She identifies their requirements and ensures that they are met.
  • She reviews the treatment and care plan. She makes the necessary arrangements to ensure that the planned services are provided as soon as possible and in the right manner. She is the main point of contact between the patient at home and the medical team.
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