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Anadolu Medical Center is accredited for its level of achievement in Patient-Centered Care!

Being focused on providing world class health service in Turkey since 2005 with the vision of being the "Center of Healthcare  ", Anadolu Medical Center has its  Patient-Centered Care  approach certified by Planetree Bronze Accreditation. Anadolu Medical Center Patient Centered Care Manager Ilkay Baylam stated that Anadolu Medical Center started to cooperate with  Planetree, a non-governmental organization working in partnership with healthcare institutions worldwide, in order to spread the Patient-Centered Care principle, and added " Anadolu Medical Center, is the first hospital in Turkey to receive Planetree’s Bronze Accreditation for its  Patient Centered Care approach. This is a great honor for us".

Anadolu Medical Center is accredited for its level of achievement in Patient-Centered Care!

We carry out concrete studies in the field of Patient Centered Care.

Emphasizing that Planetree Patient-Centered Care Bronze Accreditation is a result of the Patient Centered Care Culture of Anadolu Medical Center, Anadolu Medical Center Patient-Centered Care Manager İlkay Baylam said "Planetree has an accreditation system. This is a system that starts with bronze and continues with silver, then ends with gold. In this system, our first goal was to establish the Patient Centered Care culture in our institution. We have been working on this for three years and we have decided to apply for the Planetree Patient Centered Care Bronze Accreditation when our operations reached a certain level, and we qualified for the bronze accreditation. Today, we hear that many health institutions are talking about being patient centered. We liked this because it increased the awareness of the Patient-Centered Care concept, but on the other hand, we had concerns with its potential to become a marketing item to be remembered only in advertisements if it did not have a solid infrastructure. When talking about Patient Centered Care, we never talk about creating a bed of roses with abstract applications disconnected from the reality of today's healthcare enterprises. Therefore, there must be a structure consisting of boards and working groups, in which patients and their relatives are actively involved. This work has taken a long time and effort to follow the best practices in the world that exist in literature, and to materialize in our hospital in accordance with our culture. There are 51 criteria that must be met in order to receive this accreditation. These 51 criteria include the establishment of a structure and a board composed of patients and their relatives under such structure, and this board should be given various duties. In addition, you need to change your job descriptions to be patient-centered, you have to design patient performance and behavior standards as patient-centered, and you need to turn the hospital's leading team into a role model that is responsible for Patient Centered Care. In the case of Patient Centered Care, various trainings have to be given to more than 50 percent of the hospital; we have reached 75 percent in these trainings. It is really a great honor to be the first healthcare institution in Turkey to receive Planetree Patient Centered Care Bronze Accreditation. But what actually makes us proud is this: We did not work for an accreditation. We worked to create a Patient Centered Care culture, to live this culture and to integrate this philosophy into our cells. We see this in the feedbacks from our patients and their relatives” .

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First of all we would like to emphasize that the health of our employees, our patients and their relatives is our first priority. Due to the spread of the Coronavirus worldwide and the first confirmed case of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) disease in Turkey, the executive team of the Anadolu Medical Center has taken preventive measures to protect the patients and their relatives. In order to give treatment for each patient with utmost security we would like to announce that currently there will be no visitors allowed.

Please note that only one attendant per in-patients is permitted.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.