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Liudmila F.

I came to the Anadolu Medical Center from Russia, Krasnodar Territory, the city of Novorossisk. I applied because of a tumor of the upper lobe of the right lung. This tumor was found in Russia in 2008, and I was followed-up in Russia every year for 8 years.

This year, according to the results of the investigations, doctors found out that the tumor is malignant. It was "like a bolt from the blue." And I wanted to know the opinions of other specialists. In our city, there was a representation of the Anadolu Medical Center. I heard patients’ opinions about this center, who were examined and treated here. Then I sent my medical documents to the specialist of the international department of Anadolu, Richard Rachkauskas, who sent them to doctors for a medical second opinion. I was invited to Anadolu for further examination and treatment. I came to your center, where for three days I was examined and a surgery recommended. The surgery was performed by Dr. Altan Kır, and it was successful. I am very grateful to this surgeon who took care of me, every day he came to my room-even on Saturday and Sunday. Now the seventh day after the operation, I feel good and I want to say that during my entire stay Anadolu Medical Center, there was not a single breakdown of the consultations or procedures, everything is organized clearly. The translators and coordinator worked together, they always accompanied me. I liked everything very much, I am grateful to all the medical staff and the staff of the International Services Department who accompanied me at all times and I hope that I was correctly and timely diagnosed and had adequate treatment. I feel very good now, my follow-up examination will take place in 6 months and I will definitely come!