Berrin Aydın


Berrin Aydın

She has been serving as an emergency medicine specialist at Anadolu Medical Center since 2012.

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  • Ethics is an endless responsibility that we feel for everything alive. - Albert Schweitzer
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    Berrin Aydın, MD, worked as emergency medicine specialist and was in charge of the emergency room at Denizli State Hospital. Aydın, MD, has been working as an emergency medicine specialist at Anadolu Medical Center since 2012. 
  • Education


    Istanbul University, Istanbul Medical School, 1994 

    Specialty Education 

    Pamukkale University Medical School, Emergency Medicine Department, Denizli 2009 

  • Institutional Memberships

    Society of Emergency Medicine Specialists 

    Turkish Emergency Medicine Society 

  • Expertise & Areas of interest

    • Geriatric emergency patients
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1. Transient global amnesia triggered by sexual intercourse: A case presentation. Berrin Aydın, Meltem Hale Alpsan Gökmen,26-29 October 2015 11th Emergency Medicine Congress of Turkey, Book of Proceedings, page 208
2. The place of D-dimer and L-lactate levels in the early diagnosis of acute mesenteric ischemia. Aydin B, Ozban M, Serinken M, Kaptanoglu B, Demirkan NC, Aydin C. Bratisl Lek Listy. 2015;116(5):343-50.
3. The effect of melatonin on bacterial translocation following ischemia/reperfusion injury in a rat model of superior mesenteric artery occlusion. Ozban M, Aydin C, Cevahir N, Yenisey C, Birsen O, Gumrukcu G, Aydin B, Berber I. BMC Surg. 2015 Mar 8;15:18. 
4. Colorectal injury in a personal watercraft (Jet Ski) passenger: a case report and review of the literature. Culcu D, Ozban M, Aydin B, Aydin C. Hong Kong j. Emerg. 2014:21(5):322-25.
5. Naphthalene Contamination: Intervention and emergency management of a chemically contaminated patient. Aydin B, Salgar K, Ekim R, Ağalar F..2013 Tatkon, 9th Emergency Medicine Congress of Turkey.
6. Mortality and morbidity in patients arriving at the emergency ward with multiple trauma, Aydin B,  Aydin C, Ağalar F,  0166. Presentation No: PB-S12,9th Emergency Medicine Congress of Turkey, 2-6 October 2013
7. Slow infusion metoclopramide does not affect the improvement rate of nausea while reducing akathisia and sedation incidence.Tura P, Erdur B, Aydin B, Turkcuer I, Parlak I.  Emerg Med J. 2012 Feb;29(2):108-12. 
8. A trial of midazolam vs diphenhydramine in prophylaxis of metoclopramide-induced akathisia. Erdur B, Tura P, Aydin B, Ozen M, Ergin A, Parlak I, Kabay B. Am J Emerg Med. 2012 Jan; 30(1): 84-91. 
9. Spontaneous Pneumothorax Due to Lifting a Weight: A Case Report. Aydin B, Serinken M, Aydin C. JAEMCR 2012; 3: 56-58
10. Evaluation of Non-ruptured Aortic Aneurysms and Dissections at the Emergency Ward:   A Series of Cases. Yüksel A., Erdur B., Türkçüer İ., Aydın B., Tura P., Akademik Acil Tıp Dergisi2008; 7(2): 17-20
11. Sternal Fracture. Türkiye Acil Tıp Dergisi - Turk J Emerg Med 2008;8(4):180 [191] Berrin Aydın, Bülent Erdur, Çağatay Aydın, İbrahim Türkçüer
12. Workplace Stress Factors for Doctors Working in the Emergency Medicine System: Results of the Research for Denizli Province. Türkiye Acil Tıp Dergisi - Turk J Emerg Med 2007;7(2):68-72 İbrahim Türkçüer, Bülent Erdur, Ahmet Ergin, Mustafa Serinken, Aytaç Bukıran, Berrin Aydın, Metin Bozkır

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Ministry of Health Adult Trainer’s Training Advanced Cardiac Life Support Course 

European Resuscitation Council ACLS course

Trauma Resuscitation Course (TRK)

Pediatric Advanced Life Support Course (ÇİLYAD) 

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