F. Ela Tahmaz Gündoğdu


F. Ela Tahmaz Gündoğdu

She has been working as a pediatrician and medical genetic specialist at Anadolu Medical Center since 2005.

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    After graduating from Marmara University Medical School in 1990, Fatma Ela Tahmaz Gündoğdu, MD, received specialty training at Heybeliada Pulmonary Diseases Hospital for about a year. In 1991, she started specialty education in Pediatric Health and Diseases of Istanbul University Çapa Pediatric Clinic.  In 1996, she completed her specialty education, and started a senior specialty in Medical Genetics at University of Illinois, Chicago, United States in 1998.  For 6 years, she studied Medical Genetics and Pediatrics, and acquired Board certification in Geriatrics and Pediatrics.   In 2004, she returned to Istanbul.  Gündoğdu, MD, who contributed to the foundation of the pediatrics department of Anadolu Medical Center in 2005, is still working as a pediatrician and medical genetic specialist. 
  • Education


    Marmara University Medical School, Istanbul 1990 

    Specialty Education 

    Istanbul University Istanbul Medical School, Pediatric Health and Diseases Department, Istanbul, 1996
    University of Illinois at Chicago, Medical Genetics and Pediatrics, USA 1998-2004

  • Institutional Memberships

    American Board of Medical Genetics
    American Board of Pediatrics
    National Pediatric Genetics Society

  • Expertise & Areas of interest

    • Healthy child growth
    • Development and nutrition follow up
    • Prenatal genetics and genetic counseling
    • Growth and development disorders with genetic origin
    • Chromosomal disorders
    • Collagen and connective tissue disorders and Marfan syndrome
    • Congenital malformation syndromes
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3 International articles  
3 National publications and posters 

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Neonatal Resuscitation Course 
Attended numerous courses at national and international congresses 

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