Özlem Sarıoğlu Erdağ
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  • Biography

    Özlem Sarıoğlu Erdağ, MD, graduated from Yeditepe University, Medical School. Respectively, she served as emergency medicine doctor at Hospitalium Şişli Hospital and Sabes Medical Center, doctor at Ministry of Health 112 Istanbul Provincial Ambulance Service as a compulsory duty, person in charge of the emergency service at Tuzla Gisbir Hospital, and consultant doctor at Mercury Advertising Agency.  
  • Education


    Yeditepe University Medical School, Istanbul 

  • Institutional Memberships

    Turkish Medical Association  (TTB) 
  • Expertise & Areas of interest

    • Emergency Medicine
    • CPR
    • Multitrauma
    • Adult advanced life support
  • Foreign language


Course Participation

European Resuscitation Council
Basic Emergency Medicine Training Course (TATEP)
Trauma and Resuscitation Course 
Emergency Medicine Certificate Program – Basic Training Module 
Pediatric Advanced Life Support Course 
Neonatal Resuscitation Program 
Workplace Doctor 
Family Medicine 

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