Metin Çakmakçı


Metin Çakmakçı

He has been working as a general surgeon and Breast Center Coordinator at Anadolu Medical Center since 2007.

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    Call Center 44 44 276 44 44 276
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  • "It is important to leave a mark before you pass away, not just exist...”
  • Education

    İstanbul Erkek Lisesi (Istanbul Boys High School) 
    Hacettepe University Medical School
    Burn and trauma service of the Department of Surgery, University of South Alabama,  Mobile/USA
    Isparta Military Hospital With 200 Bed Capacity 
    Malkara State Hospital 
    Surgical Intensive Care Unit, Department of
    General Surgery, University Hospital, Zürich/Switzerland
    Acıbadem Hospital

  • Institutional Memberships

    Surgical Infection
    National Surgery Journal 
    Emergency Medicine Journal 
    Intensive Care Journal 
    National Surgery Society 
    Endoscopic-Laparoscopic Surgery Society 
    Clinic Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition (KEPAN) Society
    Surgical Infection Society of Europe ( President Elect )
    American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition
    European Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition
    Kocaeli Medical Chamber 
    Association Graduates of Istanbul Boys High School 
    Hacettepe Medical School Graduates Society 


47 National Presentations,
50 International Presentations,
51 National Articles,
26 International Articles,
16 National Book Chapters, 
7 International Book Chapters, 
4 National Books and Monographs
1 International Book and Monograph
Editor of 2 Books
1 Research Prize ( Tübitak )

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