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4 Questions and 4 Answers Regarding Hormonal Therapy in Cancer

Our Medical Oncologist MD. Prof. Serdar Turhal, from Anadolu Medical Center stated that hormonal therapy and treatment regarding its side effects should not be neglected even in these pandemic times.

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6-Week Radiotherapy Time Decreases to 30 Minutes in Breast Cancer Treatment

Treatment times have decreased significantly in breast cancer. Expressing that a surgical procedure is usually performed first to extract the tumor in breast cancer treatment and then...

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Accreditation System for Interventional Oncology Services

Anadolu Medical Center thus obtained a voice in setting interventional oncology standards; it is one of the five authorized centers in the world that set the standards for accreditation in "interventional oncology."

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Cervical Cancer is a Preventable Disease!

It actually depends on women to minimize the incidence of cervical cancer, which continues to be one of the most common female cancers in developing and underdeveloped countries.

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Coronavirus: What Is The Importance Of Quitting Smoking

Esra Sönmez, MD from Anadolu Medical Center Pulmonology Department shares valuable information regarding the use of tobacco and Covid-19 on the occasion of May 31-World No Tobacco Day.

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Everything is for the “safest” surgeries: Hybrid Operating Room

A hybrid room that provides a safer environment for both surgeons and patients. The most complicated operations of brain and nerve surgery are performed with the lowest risks.

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Kidney Cancer Symptoms and Treatment Method

Kidney cancer is the third most common urologic cancer after prostate and bladder cancer. Prof. Cemil Uygur, MD, Urologist and Director of Urooncology Center in Anadolu Medical Center says kidney cancer...

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Life After Coronavirus Accepting The “New Normal”

It might be hard for socially inactive people who are in their homes for a long time to adapt to the new order. MD Assoc. Prof. Elif Hakko, from Infectious Diseases Department and Clinical Psychologist Ezgi Dokuzlu...

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Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms, Risk Factors, Diagnosis and Treatment

Before answering what the pancreatic cancer is, we must first explain what the pancreas is. Pancreas is an organ in approximately 15 cm, accepted as a part of digestive system, situated behind stomach and liver in body...

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Which Diseases Are Treated at Pediatric Surgery Unit

Considering WHO's definition of a child that is "an individual between 0 and 18 years of age," that's the age group we serve. Pediatric Surgery emerged as an independent branch in the first quarter of the last century, and...

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Eight ways to boost your immune system against coronavirus

Fighting constantly to protect us against disease-causing microbes and viruses that infiltrate the body, our immune system may sometimes get weak due to certain factors and some diseases may therefore be experienced severely or recurrently.

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First signs of coronavirus may appear in the eye

As the latest coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic spreads around the globe, we should remember that this virus might cause eye involvement in addition to the respiratory system. Actually, the first symptoms may even be related to the eye.

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The virus shows symptoms in two days

As the death toll of the new coronavirus (2019-nCoV), which originated in China’s Wuhan reaches 26, the entire world is following the news of the virus with great concern. The virus causes fever, coughs and respiratory distress, said Anadolu Medical Center Infectious Diseases Specialist Assoc. Prof. Elif Hakko: “The symptoms usually emerge two days upon encounter with the virus, but this could take up to 14 days”

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Protective measures against the new coronavirus

Coronavirus (2019-nCoV), which originated in Wuhan, China has quickly spread around the world. The world is once again facing a virus that spreads via droplets, which is fastest and the most difficult to control route of transmission.

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Too much screen time tires the eye during lockdown

People spend much more time on their phones and tablets while under lockdown due to the social isolation guidance as a result of coronavirus.This may cause computer vision syndrome or computer eye strain that are normally seen in professional work life

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4 ways to reduce negative impacts of social isolation

Global pandemic is having an impact on Turkey just like the entire world, and personal hygiene and social isolation are gaining more importance every single day. This can cause high levels of stress and anxiety and have a negative impact on the immune system.

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15 Coronavirus tips for cancer patients

Since cancer patients may have weaker immune systems which may in turn increase susceptibility for infections, patients must take precautions more carefully. Cancer patients must be careful about isolation and balanced nutrition as well as hygiene rules more than ever.

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Randevu almak artık daha da kolay!

Apple Store ve Google Play Store’dan indireceğiniz Anadolu Sağlık Online Servisler uygulamasıyla işlemlerinizi çok daha hızlı yapabileceksiniz.

Uygulamamızı şimdi indirirseniz anında dilediğiniz doktordan online randevu alabilir, test ve görüntüleme sonuçlarınıza kolayca ulaşabilir ve geçmiş doktor ziyaretlerinizi görüntüleyebilirsiniz.

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First of all we would like to emphasize that the health of our employees, our patients and their relatives is our first priority. Due to the spread of the Coronavirus worldwide and the first confirmed case of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) disease in Turkey, the executive team of the Anadolu Medical Center has taken preventive measures to protect the patients and their relatives. In order to give treatment for each patient with utmost security we would like to announce that currently there will be no visitors allowed.

Please note that only one attendant per in-patients is permitted.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.