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What is Glaucoma (Eye Pressure)? Symptoms and treatment

Glaucoma, popularly known as “eye pressure”, is a serious eye condition that can cause permanent vision loss. Stating that glaucoma shows no early sign and that it can only be detected during a comprehensive eye examination, Op. Dr. Yusuf Avni Yilmaz, an ophthalmologist at Anadolu Medical Center, said “Age over 40, familial history of glaucoma, refractive error in the eye, African and Asian races, diabetes, hypertension, high intraocular pressure, cortisone use, trauma, thin corneal structure, migraine and circulatory disorder are risk factors for glaucoma”. Here is the information provided by Op. Dr. Yusuf Avni Yilmaz, an ophthalmologist at Anadolu Medical Center.

In most cases, glaucoma (eye pressure) is caused by higher-than-normal intraocular pressure, but sometimes glaucoma can occur even if the intraocular pressure is normal. Most types of glaucoma do not cause typical pain and show no symptoms until a loss of vision noticeable to the patient occurs. Regular eye exams are the only way to detect glaucoma before permanent vision loss occurs. However, a less common type of glaucoma called acute angle-closure glaucoma can cause sudden, often severe symptoms of blurred vision, halos around lights, eye pain, nausea and vomiting. If these symptoms are observed, an eye examination is required immediately.

The aim of glaucoma (eye pressure) treatment is to stop the progression of the disease

Treatment of glaucoma varies according to the patient's condition. The main treatments include medication, laser therapy and surgery. These can be combined sometimes. The aim of glaucoma treatment is to stop the disease from progressing to loss of vision. Treatment will not restore existing vision loss. Sometimes, progression of the disease is inevitable despite treatment.

Glaucoma is cured through surgical treatment in some patients

Medication (drops) is the most common form of treatment for glaucoma. The aim here is to stop optic nerve damage, narrowing of the visual field and vision loss by reducing high intraocular pressure. Using drops requires regular use and continuity. Therefore, patients should be educated in order to understand the importance and seriousness of the situation correctly. Laser therapy is used for some types of glaucoma. Early surgical treatment can be performed in glaucoma patients or some patients in whom drug therapy is insufficient and the disease progresses despite treatment.

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