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Oncology Department

Oncology Department (Cancer Center)

At the Oncology Department of Anadolu Medical Center, we aim to provide the best medical services to our patients with our experienced team and multidisciplinary approach. As a medical center committed to “Patient Oriented Centered Care”, we aim, in the first place, to make the patients and their relatives feel at home and not to lower their life quality of life. At the Oncology Department where we serve patients with such an understanding, we are ready to meet the needs of our patients also at sub-branches such as Medical Oncology, Radiation Oncology, Gynecologic Oncology, Hematological Oncology, Oncologic Screening Imaging and Surgical Oncology. We follow technological and scientific developments closely and offer the state-of-the-art treatment options to our patients such as Cyberknife, da Vinci, Truebeam, PET-CT. We know the importance of early diagnosis and effective treatment in cancer. For this purpose, we offer our patients the CTC technique which enables early diagnosis and effective treatment in cancer.

Our Hospital Facilities

Our Hospital Facilities

We are committed to addressing all requirements of our patients and their relatives. Aside from logistic requirements such as a hotel, car park, security, transportation, we pursue international standards like patient rights, medical second opinion.

Medical Second Opinion Form

Medical Second Opinion Form

  • If you like we can help you with a doctor’s medical second opinion on issues like your test results, your diagnosis and the treatment options that we can offer you.
  • It is sufficient for us if you fill in the form for a "Medical Second Opinion".
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Patient Rooms

Patient Rooms

  • We have the honor of offering comfortable and special services to our valuable patients with 2 different room options.
  • Our hospital has a capacity of 201 beds, including intensive care rooms. In total, 8 rooms have been arranged as VIP patient rooms.
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The operating room

Operating Rooms

  • As Anadolu Medical Center, we provide services in 8 operating rooms with modern medical equipment in all branches, meeting patient and employee safety requirements.
  • The central sterilization system, ventilating system and the state-of-the-art devices in the operating rooms create ideal conditions for patient safety. All operations including microscopic, endoscopic, arthroscopic, laparoscopic and robotic surgery operations are performed successfully at our operating rooms.
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Patient-Centered Care Approach

Patient-centered Care Approach

  • The happiness and safety of our patients is important for us. At Anadolu Medical Center, our priority is to guarantee that our patients get through the diagnosis and treatment process in the most peaceful and comfortable manner. In this sense, we build all our service policies from security to administration on the emotional tie that we establish with our patients.
  • At the Patient-centered Care Department, established for the first time in Turkey at our hospital, we render services focused on patient satisfaction and placing the patient at the center of all service processes.
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Advanced Health Technologies

Advanced Medical Technologies

  • TrueBeam: TrueBeam is a sensitive radiation instrument used in the treatment of all cancers requiring radiation therapy.
  • CyberKnife M6: This system destroys the tumor with a definite boundary like that of the surgical method, while preventing the beams from damaging healthy tissues.
  • Robotic Surgery: We can describe Robotic Surgery or robot-assisted surgery as performing certain operations through tiny holes using the “da Vinci” system.
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Advanced Health Technologies

Advanced Health Technologies

Latest world-class technologies in our mission to become the reference point for the health services we offer to our patients.

General Inquiries & Feedback

We pay attention to your opinions, suggestions and comments to improve the quality of service you receive at our hospital.

For all your needs:

Anadolu Medical Center International Services Department

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  • +90 262 678 5174 *Serbian
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  • +90 533 497 42 34

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First of all we would like to emphasize that the health of our employees, our patients and their relatives is our first priority. Due to the spread of the Coronavirus worldwide and the first confirmed case of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) disease in Turkey, the executive team of the Anadolu Medical Center has taken preventive measures to protect the patients and their relatives. In order to give treatment for each patient with utmost security we would like to announce that currently there will be no visitors allowed.

Please note that only one attendant per in-patients is permitted.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.