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Patient Relatives’ Rights and Responsibilities

Health is certainly, our most valuable asset… Due to the vital importance of health services, rights and responsibilities of individuals are uncompromisable. We believe that every individual in the society has rights that must be respected, irrespective of age, gender, race, religion, social, physical or spiritual state, as well as responsibilities to the environment and other individuals. We can create a healthy and happy environment only if we respect these rights and responsibilities.

We respect the rights of every patient and patient relative during the time period they receive service at our hospital and expect them to fulfill their responsibilities. This manual which has been prepared with reference to the guideline of the Ministry of Health of Turkey and to the rights and responsibilities of international patient/patient relatives aims to inform patients and patient relatives about their rights and responsibilities.

Every individual who applies to our hospital for diagnostic and treatment purposes may assert their rights recognized by the employees of our hospital, inspected and documented by the Performance Development Department. All patients and patient relatives who enter our Hospital through any entrance point are trained about “Rights and Responsibilities of Patients and Families”. In the below text, “our patients or you” refer to the patient and his/her family, and “we or employees” refer to all employees of Anadolu Medical Center.

We would like to thank you for preferring us and giving us the chance to serve you.

The right to benefit from services

  • All our patients who apply to our hospital are entitled to benefit from all our services, irrespective of their opinions and social characteristics.
  • Our patients are entitled to choose a doctor and/or a health institution and to change them at any stage of the treatment process. When our patients make a request in writing, all records are urgently sent to the other institution they specify.
  • Health professionals in our hospital and/or in other contracted institutions cannot perform diagnosis and treatment contrary to medical ethics, rules and principles or of misleading nature.
  • Our patients are entitled to act in accordance with the laws and regulations of the country in respect of procedures such as organ transplants or experimental researches.
  • If they wish, our patients are entitled to obtain free of chargeinformation about services rendered by our hospital in respect of preventive health services.
  • Our patients have the right to demand relief of their pain. All our patients are entitled to demand evaluation and treatment of their pain, and to obtain information about the causes of their pain and treatment methods.

The right to be respected

  • Our patients and their families are entitled to receive service in a respectful, polite, and compassionate atmosphere where they are individually respected any time and under any circumstances.
  • None of our employees are entitled to argue with our patients. Our patients have the right to resolve their problems in accordance with the principles our hospital and the existing laws of the country.


  • Our patients have the right to deny talking to or seeing people, including visitors, who are not directly related to their treatment process.
  • Our patients are entitled to demand an atmosphere that guarantees visual and audio privacy at all points where they receive a service.
  • If they wish, our patients may demand additional security provided that they pay the price thereof.
  • Our patients have the right to demand protection of the privacy of their medical data even after death. This data may be disclosed to relevant authorities with express consent of the patient or his/her heirs, or pursuant to a court order. Unless a medical necessity exists and permits, our patient is entitled not to give any information about his/her private and family life for whatever reason.

The right to know identity

  • Our patients have the right to know the identity and professional responsibility of all employees of our hospital with whom they encounter.

The right to obtain information

  • Our patients have the right to take a copy of all and new information and documents relating to their diagnostic and therapeutic processes and the course of treatment, and the right to examine them.

The right to communicate

  • Our patients who have a language barrier are entitled to ask for a translator who speaks his/her language in the course of their treatment.

The right to give consent

  • Our patients have the right to be informed about their disease, treatment, risks and benefits and to participate in the decision-making process about alternatives, except in cases of legal medical necessity.
  • Our patients have the right to give consent that they exercise such right and are thus deemed to have accepted the routine procedures pursuant to such consent. A medical intervention can be performed without taking consent in cases when the recommended intervention is urgent and the patient has no legal representative.
  • Our patients have the right to volunteer for participating in education and researches.

The right to consult

  • Our patients have the right to request consultation with another specialist if they demand and accept additional payment. However, if the responsible physician of the patient agrees, the treatment recommended as a result of consultation is carried out by the staff of the medical institution where the patient is present.

The right to reject the planned treatment

  • Our patients have the right to reject the proposed treatment. The physician describes the possible consequences of rejection of treatment, and takes a written document that they have been understood. If our patient rejects a treatment with a written document, his/her relationship with our hospital will be dismissed. If a patient who previously rejected a treatment applies to our hospital again, he/she has the right to receive necessary medical care and treatment. The employees of our hospital may not state and imply any reprimand about previous rejection by the patient.

The right to examine and know treatment prices

  • Our patients have the right to request and take a clear and detailed invoice of the price they are to pay in return for the service rendered at our hospital.

The right to receive social and psychological support

  • Our patients have the right to wear their authentic garments so long as they do not prevent diagnosis or treatment procedures, and the right to use duties and/or symbols related to their beliefs, to take social and psychological support, to keep a companion and to accept visitors.

The right to file a complaint

  • Our patients have the right to make complaints, have their complaints to be evaluated and to be informed of the outcome. Our patients have the right to report their complaints to the Patients Rights Office of our hospital without prejudice to their rights to apply to relevant professional organizations and courts pursuant to the Law numbered 6023. If any complaint cannot be solved at our hospital, our patients have the right to apply to the highest civilian authority of the place where the health institution is located. Our patients have the right to resort to jurisdiction in the framework of their legal rights.

The right to know hospital rules and practices

  • Our patients have the right to be informed about the hospital rules and practices applicable to them.
  • Our patients have the right to require correction of incorrect data relating to diseases, treatment procedures and invoice records which appear within their medical records.

The right to benefit from religious services

  • Our patients have the right to benefit from religious services in the framework of the hospital rules.
  • Subject to availability, our patient has the right to bring a religious official for his/her religious needs upon the request of the patient and/or his/her relative.

The responsibility to provide information

  • Our patients must provide true and complete information about their medical history, existing complaints, treatments received, drugs used and changes in their condition, and inform whether they have properly understood what is expected of them in relation to the procedures to be performed.

The responsibility to comply with recommendations

  • Our patients must comply with the plan which is developed after he/she approves the plan recommended, in principle, by the physician, nurses and medical staff in charge of his/her treatment.

The responsibility for rejecting the planned treatment

  • Our patients are responsible for the consequences of their rejection of the treatment or their failure to comply with the instructions of the doctors.

The responsibility to pay for examination and treatment expenses

  • Our patients should specify when they apply to our hospital, how and by which entity or institution their medical expenses will be paid. Our patients are obliged to pay the price of the treatment procedures within the period of time determined by the institution. If treatment expenses are covered by any health insurance, our patients must provide relevant transfer documents or official papers on time.
  • In cases where urgent intervention and treatment is necessary, our patients or their legally authorized representative should take and bring the document from the relevant institution while the treatment is in progress.
  • Our patients who are entitled to free-of-charge treatment must evidence such rights with documents, and demonstrate their compliance with free-of-charge patient care criteria.

The responsibility to inform infectious disease

  • Our patients who are suspected of or diagnosed with an infectious disease must not demand discharge unless the authorized physician gives a permission showing that there is no objection.

The responsibility to show respect

  • Hastalarımız, diğer hastalar ile hastane personelinin haklarını dikkate almalıdır; hastanemiz içinde hastaları tehlikeye sokan gürültü, duman ve ziyaretçi sayısının fazlalığı gibi durumlarda hastanemizin kurallarına uymalıdır.

The responsibility to comply with rules and practices

  • Our patients must consider the rights of other patients and hospital staff; the rules of our hospital must be followed in such cases as noise, smoke and excessive number of visitors which put the patients in jeopardy within our hospital.

The responsibility not to make inappropriate requests

  • Our patients must not demand administration of any drug or treatment which is not approved by the authorized physician and does not appear in the treatment plan.

The responsibility to comply with visitor rules

  • Our patients must receive visitors in the framework of rules determined by our hospital.

The responsibility to compensate

  • Our patients must compensate loss and damage which they cause to fixtures or consumables due to misuse or willful act.

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First of all we would like to emphasize that the health of our employees, our patients and their relatives is our first priority. Due to the spread of the Coronavirus worldwide and the first confirmed case of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) disease in Turkey, the executive team of the Anadolu Medical Center has taken preventive measures to protect the patients and their relatives. In order to give treatment for each patient with utmost security we would like to announce that currently there will be no visitors allowed.

Please note that only one attendant per in-patients is permitted.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.