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Beitula Elmi

60 year old Beitulla Elmi, came from Romania, Constanza, for treatment. Slowly regaining his voice hoarsed due to throat cancer, Beitulla Elmi excitedly cuts in while his wife tells his story and reveals his feelings.

Beitulla, noticed his disease in 2008 when he started having problems in speaking. He saw a doctor in Bucharest. Diagnosed to have throat tumor, he lost no time in having a surgery. However, in one year, his complaints resumed. For the second surgery, he prefered Anadolu Medical Center.

I could have the same surgery in Romania. However, the opportunities I was provided with here was not available in my home country. I was familiar with Anadolu Medical Center before. One of my friends had received treatment here and told me about his experiences. I’ve also watched interviews on television. But on top of all, I decided to have the surgery at Anadolu Medical Center for the attention hospital staff showed to us.

Sertaç Yetişer M.D., Professor of Otorhinolaryngology gave information about his treatment:
Beitula Elmi, previously diagnosed with throat cancer in Romania, had surgery onhis vocal cords and and received radiotherapy treatment. However, the tumor relapsed. Therefore, when he first came to Anadolu Medical Center, he was concerned about therecurrent disease after radiation treatment. He thought he was short of treatment options. However, he underwent a successful surgery, the tumor and the lymph glands removed. Now our patient is rapidly regaining his health and getting voice threapy to develop a clear speech again.

Beitulla Elmi says he is very excited and happy to experience a rapid recovery:
I owe my health to my doctor at Anadolu Medical Center. I learned that my condition is getting well. I am glad that I reached this hospital.

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