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Student, Maria A. from Romania, who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, finally defeated the disease after her operation in Turkey.

3rd year student at medical school in Romania, Maria A. (22 years old) found out that she has ovarian cancer at the hospital she visited with an abdominal pain complaint. She was immediately taken to surgery and the tumor was removed. However, the pathology results revealed that her tumor was a unique type. Maria decided to visit Turkey to find a cure for her tumor. She arrived in Istanbul and the young doctor candidate went under surgery for the second time and regained her health.

“I was really down”

Maria went to see a doctor with complaints of abdominal swelling and stomach ache at the end of 2016. After the ultrasound done in February, she found out that there was a 20 cm tumor in her ovary. “I had an MRI done and was told that the tumor was pressuring my organs. I consulted to a surgeon and underwent surgery. After the pathology results, I was told that there was a tumor in my ovaries and need to consult to a gynecologic oncology specialist. They were indecisive about the second surgery and didn’t know what to do,” said Maria and added that after her research she decided to come to Turkey.

She noted that she visited Turkey after her exams and underwent a closed surgery. Maria said: ‘I was really down when I found out that there was a tumor. I was hoping to say, “I underwent surgery and now I’m fine.” As there aren’t many specialists in this field or books to search, it was really hard to decide. As there was a chance of relapse (reoccuring of the disease), we immediately came to Turkey. It is a very rare disease, only two people have it in Romania. When I arrived in Turkey, I didn’t know much about my disease. My doctor explained it all and motivated me.”

The Gynecology and Gynecological Oncology Specialist, Asst. Prof. Dr. Fatih Güçer of Anadolu Medical Center stated that even though the patient studies at Medical School in Romania, she couldn’t find the correct answers to her questions. ‘She underwent surgery for ovarian tumor in Romania and the pathology results revealed that it is a “mucinosis borderline ovary tumor”. Many doctors our patient consulted in Romania had no experience with this disease and that it was very rare. After looking for alternative treatments, our patient decided to apply to us,” said Dr. Güçer.

“She can have children in the future”

Güçer stated that the cyst observed in Maria was a rare type, and said:

“Ovaries were not removed in the first surgery but just the cyst. We reevaluated the pathology results of our hospital and realized that this tumor was a mucinosis borderline ovary tumor, which is a type that resembles intestinal system and these types of tumors require appendicitis to be removed as well.  Since they removed just the tumor but not the ovaries, it relapsed within three months. The best method here is to also remove the ovaries, because these types of tumors are 90% unilateral, if only the cyst is removed there is a high chance of relapse. We explained to the patient that her ovaries, appendicitis and peritoneum had to be taken out. Maria can also have children in the future. In the end, it was a laparoscopic surgery that lasted for 1.5 hours. The patient is in good condition now.  After this procedure, the chance of relapse is very low. The matter is closed for our patient. She only has to attend follow-up appointments now.”

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