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CyberKnife M6

What is CyberKnife M6?

CyberKnife treatment is based on the delivery of radiation on any tumor or sick site in the body with complete accuracy and minimal effect on surrounding healthy tissues. Treating tumors without impairing the body's natural balance, this method is described as "the point shot" in cancer treatment. This method that does not require a surgical procedure constitutes an alternative option to surgery and radiotherapy in many benign and malignant tumors and different diseases. During treatment, several radiation beams are delivered to the target to destroy or stop growth of the tumor or sick site.

CyberKnife M6

How does CyberKnife M6 function?

CyberKnife M6 has two important sections: a light source called the linear accelerator and a robotic arm. The radiation source mounted on the robotic arm is capable of delivering radiation on the tumor precisely even with movements of 1 millimeter. Also, by means of the robotic treatment table, the patient’s position can be corrected in 6 dimensions including planar or rotational during the treatment.

The radiation source can stop at approximately 1,200 different points with sensitive movements of the robotic arm during the treatment. Numerous radiations (generally 100 to 150) can be delivered on the tumor or the site of disease according to the characteristics of the treatment planned in advance. The robotic arm brings the radiation source to a different angle each time and directs the radiation on the tumor. In the meantime, imaging cameras mounted around the robotic arm detect the patient’s position. Changes in the patient’s position are perceived by the cameras in real time, and the robotic arm readjusts its position and prevents radiation from being directed to a site other than the tumor. In other words, the radiation source aims at the tumor and cuts off radiation automatically to avoid damage to surrounding tissues even in case of slightest movement of the patient.

When the treatment is completed, the cumulative effect of the radiation delivered on the tumor destroys the tumor or prevents its growth, while sparing the surrounding healthy tissues which receive an insignificant dose.

With CyberKnife M6 technology, the treatment is performed comfortably both for the patient and the doctor, resulting in faster and more effective outcome.

CyberKnife M6

How differs CyberKnife from other radiosurgery methods?

  • Cyberknife is the only system that can manipulate the light source with the robotic arm and control the patient’s position with the robotic table and real-time images during the treatment.
  • In this system, the patient immobility is achieved by means of a plastic mask instead of the head frame which is mounted on the patient with an invasive procedure.
  • Unlike other systems, it can be used for tumors located at the spine, spinal cord and other sites of the body except the brain. It is the only system that can apply radiosurgery to the spine, spinal cord and other sites of the body.
  • In addition to all these, it can deliver radiation on a desired size of area in brain tumors.
  • It is the only system that monitors breathing of the patient and the associated movement of the tumor in real time.
CyberKnife M6

General characteristics of CyberKnife M6

  • It is a bloodless and painless operation.
  • Unlike other radiotherapy methods, the placement of a metal frame around the patient’s head is not necessary. No anesthesia is required.
  • No recovery period is necessary.
  • Radiation is delivered on the target at 1-millimeter precision.
  • It delivers minimum amount of radiation on surrounding tissues compared to other radiotherapy methods.
  • The robotic arm tolerates changes in patient’s movements, and can be corrected during the treatment.
  • The treatment is ambulatory and does not require hospitalization.
  • Unlike other methods, it can be used for brain tumors as well as tumors located in the spine, spinal cord or other sites of the body (like lung, liver, pancreas, prostate).
  • It might be a treatment option for tumors of some patients that are not accessible, operable, or very risky to operate.
  • The target which is treated with the guidance of advanced imaging can be monitored with real time images.

What are the stages of CyberKnife M6 treatment?

CyberKnife M6 treatment is performed by a multidisciplinary team. Patients are evaluated in accordance with medical protocols from various areas of expertise such as radiation oncology, neurosurgery, general surgery, and urology, and treatment eligibility is decided.

Patients who are decided to be eligible for CyberKnife M6 treatment undergo the following phases. These phases take a few days.

1. Preparation phase

Preparations are made according to the involved body area. If a patient receives brain treatment, a veil-like mask made of plastic material is made to fit the patient's face. Then, tomography and MRI images are obtained. If prostate, pancreas, liver, lung or soft tissue tumors are targeted, 3 to 6 markers are inserted inside the target. A special bed is prepared for the patient to feel comfortable and to reduce patient’s movements.

2. Planning phase

A treatment plan is prepared for targeting radiation on the tumor and sparing the surrounding tissues. At this phase, doctors and medical physicists work in hand on the patient’s radiological images to develop the optimal treatment plan that suits the patient. Thanks to three dimensional, computer-assisted planning and high immobilization, the rate of radiation that healthy tissues are exposed to is minimized.

3. Treatment phase

The treatment session starts when the patient arrives at the CyberKnife M6 center at the scheduled date and time. The treatment session takes from 1-2 hours and in some cases a patient may need to take 2 - 5 sessions. In such a case, minimum a 24-hour interval is scheduled between two sessions. The patient can return home or work after the treatment session.

Which types of cancer can be treated with CyberKnife M6?

With CyberKnife M6, tumors of the brain, spine and spinal cord as well as lung, pancreas, prostate, adrenal gland, and some soft tissues, and glomeruli and some functional diseases can be treated.

Why is CyberKnife M6 a better treatment option?

  • The treatment process is short. The treatment is much faster as the dose per minute (dose) rate is increased.
  • There is no metallic marker for some lung applications. There is no need to place metallic markers in the lungs for some applications due to secondary risks.
  • During CyberKnife M6 treatment, organ movements can be viewed and rays can be adjusted accordingly. CyberKnife M6 has a 6-dimensional tumor monitoring system. This system detects rotational changes for instance, subject to the patient's movements during the treatment.
  • CyberKnife M6 radiosurgery has fewer side effects than conventional radiotherapy. Due to more accurate irradiation of the tumor and less radiation exposure to surrounding tissues compared with conventional radiotherapy, it has a very low side effect profile.

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