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CyberKnife M6

  • Treatment technique, in which a very sensitive administration of high dose radiation into the stereotactically specified area is taking place while preserving other normal organs from acute and long-term toxic effects from radiation by causing a sudden drop in dosage outside targeted margins, is called stereotactic radiosurgery. Today, Cyberknife device is one of the most prominent devices to apply this technique.

    Tumours in any region of the body can be easily treated with Cyberknife M6. Cyberknife M6 treatment is profoundly used in malignant or benign diseases localized in the brain, in tumours localized in the spine, head and neck, lung, pancreas, liver, adrenal and prostate glands. It is a rare device dedicated to stereotactic radiosurgery today with its presence ensuring patient comfort and easy applications compared to conventional systems.

  • Sensitive Robotic Structure

    Cyberknife M6 uses a considerably sensitive robotic tech to treat tumours. It produces radiation for different sizes of areas in line with the shape of tumour with a linear accelerator placed on the robot. Robot can act in six different axes. For this reason, perfect dose distributions can be achieved by delivering radiation from many various angles with the help of the robotic arm in tumours localized particularly close to critical organs.

    Cyberknife M6
  • Image-Guided Therapy

    Identifying the lesion and its location before and during treatment is of paramount importance in radiosurgery. Radiosurgical interventions conducted without completely specifying the localization of a lesion may lead to extremely hazardous outcomes. In Cyberknife M6 system, image is monitored with the assistance of a computer and radiation is delivered to the intended regions of the patient with a high degree of sensitivity. During treatment, even the smallest of patient activities that may lower the accuracy and sensitivity of the on-going sessions are detected by the system and corrected. Therefore, particularly in cranial applications, patient can be easily treated with simple plastic mask set-ups as rigid frame systems are not necessary.

    Cyberknife M6
  • Respiratory Follow-Up

    One of the most crucial aspects of Cyberknife M6 system is its follow-up of respiration. Tumours localized particularly in thorax and abdomen (e.g. lung, liver, pancreas, adrenal glands etc.) act according to respiration. Radiating mobile lesions is rather difficult. For this reason, special techniques are necessary to monitor the movements during treatment. In treatments conducted by conventional devices, rigid fixation devices are used and treatment areas with large margins are formed so as to include changes of location due to movements. In some other applications, patient is requested to keep his breath in order to immobilize the tumour; however, in that case, patient’s comfort is disturbed.

    None of those are necessary in Cyberknife M6 treatment device. With the help of a special apparatus placed on the thoracic region of the patient and an infrared camera, outer chest movement of the patient can be monitored, and it can be correlated with internal tumoural movements. Therefore, robot can trace the tumour during treatment or in other words, robot copies the respiration on the patient and can inhale and exhale with the patient.

    Cyberknife M6

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